About United Claim Clinic

WMF Restoration is in business to help people get their lives back to normal. During times of struggle and frustration we take pride in easing that burden!

Much like many other large companies, Unitedclaimclinic had humble beginnings with 1 van and 2 employees. We had just opened our doors prior to the real estate crash of 2008. The plan was to focus on Unitedclaimclinic but that unexpected turn led to performing mold remediation on foreclosed homes. First it was the state of Florida and Illinois where our CEO Eric Rajchel has roots. It eventually led to traveling out of state and building a network of contractors to handle the workload.


Fortunately our economy recovered after this and WMF had to pivot back to original plan of becoming a regular full service restoration company. The foreclosure work introduced us to many great people who have since joined the Water Mold Fire family full time servicing our various locations.

We are proud of what has become of our little company but we will never forget where we came from or why we started. One thing that sets us apart from other restoration companies is that we keep all of our customer service and billing in house at corporate headquarters. Unlike other large franchises where you have a mixed bag of service and never know what you are going to get, WMF ensures satisfaction by the continuous monitoring and assistance provided to our local representatives. This aspect of our company is especially appealing to our Commercial clients with multiple properties to service in different locations; regardless of where the location is you will have the same dedicated project manager working with you.

The team at Water Mold Fire has been built from people of all experiences. We have someone who worked with just about every major franchise at one point or another. Everyone here has played a role in developing our processes and philosophies. We are always trying to improve but we feel that this atmosphere has created a great option for people in times of need to receive great service.

Through the years we have dealt with many disasters; Hurricane Sandy, Midwest Floods, Hurricane Irma, Texas Tornados, Polar Vortex, COVID-19 and day to day problems that home owners incur like pipe breaks or roof leaks. Trust us when we say that you can never say that you have seen everything in this business because there will always be something that surprises us. However, we can truly say that after all these years there is definitely; NO DAMAGE WE CAN’T MANAGE!

To find your nearest location please visit the Areas We Service or simply call us at 0123-456-789.

United Claim Clinic Mission Statement

At United Claim Clinic our number one mission is to educate consumers about the insurance claim process. Sometimes we can equip people with the knowledge to navigate a claim by themselves. For more complicated claims, we are here to be an advocate for the insured to see that the carrier fulfills their obligation to get your property and life back to normal.