Should I Hire an Attorney or a Public Adjuster?

When disaster strikes, we never expect it. Fortunately for homeowners, their home insurance policy covers the costs of repairs to your home, along with other related expenses like emergency accommodation.

Thank goodness for insurance, and you feel grateful for your policy. However, after a week of tossing back communications with your insurer, they eventually pay your claim. Unfortunately, it's only for a third of the amount of the repair costs to your home.

All of a sudden, you don't feel so great about that insurance policy. In fact, you probably feel like you got scammed by the insurer, and in a way, you have experienced a scam.

You see, insurers are in the business of rejecting claims, not insuring your property. The company needs to make money, and they do that by rejecting claims or low-balling you on your payout.

It's an incredibly frustrating feeling when you realize you don't have enough money from your insurer to cover the repair costs. As a result, you're going to have to end up spending out of your own pocket to fix the damage.

Fortunately, you can avoid all of this hassle and get a full settlement in the fastest time possible by using a public adjuster to file your claim with your insurer.


What Is a Public Adjuster?

When you call your insurer to file your claim, the insurance company sends an adjuster to your property to view the damage and assess the validity of your claim. These adjusters either work for the company or a private firm contracted to the insurer.

Essentially, they are employees of the insurer, and they have the company's best interests in mind, not yours. As a result, the assessor has the goal of discounting your claim as much as possible. They will look for any excuse to throw out your claim.

Hiring a public adjuster is the best move, especially if the claim is complex, such as assessing burst pipes on your property. The public adjuster works for the policyholder, not the insurer, and they will do everything they can to accurately process your claim with the insurer in the fastest time possible.

Many homeowners don't realize they have the option of hiring a public adjuster, and your insurer won't ever mention it to you. That's because the insurer wants their adjusters working on your claim, not a public adjuster.

However, it's your legal right to hire a public adjuster to assess the damage. A public adjuster knows how to communicate with the insurer. They will communicate with the relevant departments in the organization to handling your claim.

With a public adjuster managing your claim, you have the best chance of getting approval and full payment.

When Do I Need to Hire a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster can benefit your insurance claim in many ways. If you're experiencing any of the following with your claim, consider hiring a public adjuster to navigate the process.

  • • Your insurer low-balls your claim.
  • • Your insurer rejects your claim.
  • • The company adjuster is biased or has poor communication with you.
  • • The insurer pressures you to settle on an unfavorable amount.
  • • The policy details are confusing.
  • • You don't have the time available to file and follow up on your claim yourself.
  • • Your claim is for more than $10,000.

When Do I Need an Attorney for My Insurance Claim?

You'll need to hire an attorney if you want to dispute the insurance companies decision. However, it's advisable to go this route only if you have the money to pay a lawyer and if you already exhausted all other avenues to appeal your claim decision.

Hiring an attorney is expensive. While they will recover their fee from your payout, they usually charge around 30% to 40% of the claim value. So, you'll end up taking a beating on legal costs, and you won't get much more out of the deal than if you just accept the insurer's low-ball offer on your claim.

Get What You Deserve from Your Claim – Hire Florida Public Adjusters

If you're dealing with an insurance claim, call Florida Public Adjusters. Our team has decades of experience in dealing with all the insurance companies in America.

We have extensive experience in helping you get the right settlement from your insurer. You can leave the claim to us, and we'll get you your money.

A public adjuster will cost you much less than an attorney, and they will get the result you want. Public adjusters will charge you a fee of up to 10% to 20% of the claim value, or a flat rate, depending on the claim's value.

The public adjuster doesn't require upfront payment; they'll recover their fee from your settlement amount.

United Claim Clinic Mission Statement

At United Claim Clinic our number one mission is to educate consumers about the insurance claim process. Sometimes we can equip people with the knowledge to navigate a claim by themselves. For more complicated claims, we are here to be an advocate for the insured to see that the carrier fulfills their obligation to get your property and life back to normal.