How to Speed Up Insurance Claim Process for Home Damage

Are you dealing with the fallout from a burst pipe or other damage to your home? When your property experiences disaster, it complicates your life, causing you to start the claims process with your insurer.

However, filing and processing a claim is more challenging than you think. The reality is that insurers love collecting premiums, but they do everything they can to avoid paying you out when you need them the most.

Filing a claim is a hassle. The insurer has no incentive to push the claim along, and they'll take as long as possible to complete the process. The longer they string you along, the longer the money stays in their bank account, earning interest.

So, if you're about to file a claim with your insurer, consider the following to speed up the claims process.


Understand Your Rights

Understanding your legal rights is critical before filing your claim. Some US states may offer you additional consumer protection against your insurance company denying your claim.

Check the state insurance commissioner's site for more information on the Unfair Claim Practices act and insurance laws pertaining to your claim. When the adjuster arrives to assess your property, make them aware that you understand your legal rights involving your claim.

Review and Understand Your Policy Terms

Before filing your claim, it's a good idea to check if you have cover for the damage. Many homeowners don't check the details of their policies when signing them, assuming the insurer and the bank has their best interests at heart.

However, the reality is that the insurer and bank don't care about you; they just want to make money off of you. Examine the policy definitions, exclusions, agreements, terms and conditions, and any endorsements.

Follow Up with Your Insurer

It's up to you to keep the ball rolling with your claim. It's critical for you to respond timeously to all communications from your insurer.

It's also important for you to follow up on the process of your claim. Employees at insurance companies have no interest in moving your claim along, and part of their job is to slow it down as much as possible. It's a good idea to give your insurer a call on a Tuesday and Thursday morning to follow up on your claim. Speak to the department claims manager and make sure they know you're not going to stop calling until they finish processing your claim.

Document Your Claim from the Start of the Process

Many homeowners make the mistake of trusting their insurers. After all, you're paying them premiums for a service, right? The reality is that you're just a number to the insurer. The insurer's primary goal is not to pay your claim but to reject it, saving the company money.

Therefore, it's critical that you collect all the relevant documentation pertaining to your claim. Take notes and keep all the paperwork relating to your claim. Note when you call the insurer and the outcome of the call.

Ongoing documentation and involvement with the process will help you prove the validity of your claim. If the adjuster rejects your claim, your notes can verify your actions and those of the insurer. Notes and documents also let the adjuster know that you are on the ball with your claim.

Keep Track of Everything

The adjuster will track everything involving your claim – and you need to do the same. Keep all your relevant paperwork in a binder and collect the following information surrounding the details of your claim.

  • All initial calls and follow-ups to your insurer and contractors.
  • Record all conversations with your adjuster – memories can be faulty.
  • Keep your estimates from contractors and receipts for property protection expenses.
  • Retain all your hotel receipts for emergency accommodation.
  • Keep your receipts documenting costs relating to business interruptions.

Submitting Proof of Loss

The insurer will require you to submit a "proof of loss" to prove your claim. For instance, if thieves rob your house and steal your jewelry, you'll need the receipts to prove you owned the item, or the insurer won't cover the loss.

The Fastest Way of Getting a Claim Approved – Hire Florida Public Adjusters

Filing and processing an insurance claim is a hassle, especially if you don't have any experience with the process. To ensure you get the fastest claim turnaround time, hire a public adjuster.

A public adjuster works on behalf of the policyholder, not the insurer. They understand the processes involved with your claim and the right people to talk to at the insurance company.

Hiring a public adjuster will dramatically reduce your claim period, getting you paid as fast as possible.

United Claim Clinic Mission Statement

At United Claim Clinic our number one mission is to educate consumers about the insurance claim process. Sometimes we can equip people with the knowledge to navigate a claim by themselves. For more complicated claims, we are here to be an advocate for the insured to see that the carrier fulfills their obligation to get your property and life back to normal.